20 nm Chemical Particle Counter: Chem 20™

Sensitivity range: 20 - 100 nm

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Product Details

  • 20 nm Chemical particle counter now with Syringe particle sampling capability
  • Advanced laser optics and detectors enable 20 nm particle sensitivity in chemicals
  • On-board chemical flow meter to set sample flow
  • First chemical particle counter optimized for low and high refractive index chemicals for improved performance:
    • Chem 20 chemical particle counter, for chemicals with lower indices of refraction
    • Chem 20-HI chemical particle counter, tailored for sulfuric acid and other higher-index chemicals
  • On-board leak detection to provide alarm upon an internal chemical leak
  • Low-flow detector and alarm to ensure consistent data
  • Bubble detector to optimize data and protect sensor
  • Local data display
  • Detect 20 nm PSL & 9 nm Au particles in real time
  • Now 20 nm testing is easily accomplished in both online and offline applications
  • Detect yield-limiting particles (not possible with competitive technologies)
  • React quickly to particle excursions long before surface scan or yield data are available
  • Optimize chemical delivery systems from the loading dock to point-of-process
  • Tighten process control limits through improved sample population statistics
  • Optimize instrument operation for very dirty or very clean applications using two view modes, extending product application space
  • Support legacy data acquisition systems with flexible communications
  • Real-time particle monitoring within chemical distribution systems
  • Point-of-process monitoring
  • Chemical packaging operations monitoring
  • Chemical filter performance and efficiency characterization
  • Chemical QA and verification
  • Performance testing of chemical handling components
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