Chemical Particle Counters

Chemical Particle Counter: UltraChem® 40

Sensitivity range: 40 - 125 nm

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Product Details

  • Compatible with a wide-range of chemicals
  • 40 nm liquid particle monitoring sensitivity
  • Chemicals include: PGMEA, photoresist solvents, hydrogen fluoride (HF) and sulfuric acid
  • 3-year chemical particle counter warranty
  • Solid state laser diode
  • Simple design for efficient liquid particle monitoring
  • Online or batch sampling capabilities
  • Multiple communication protocols
  • Large sample volume for improved data quality
  • Adaptive technology makes this chemical particle counter immune to most optical contamination See what your particle counter sees.
  • Measures small particles in a wide range of chemicals, including high molecular scattering fluids
  • Small footprint allows placement in various locations
  • Quick diagnostics and random distribution alerts you to a real particle event
  • DI water monitoring
  • Chemical distribution monitoring
  • Chemical quality assurance
  • Immersion lithography
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