Airborne Particle Counters

condensation particle counter CPC NanoAir
Condensation Particle Counter CPC: NanoAir™ 10

NanoAirTM installation, repair and maintenance services

The only 10 nm condensation particle counter with the sensitivity of a CPC and the ease of use and functionality of a traditional cleanroom air particle counter. Purpose-built for 24/7/365 continuous monitoring.

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Lasair Pro Portable Particle Counter
Portable Particle Counter: Lasair® Pro

Portable particle counter for cleanroom certification and monitoring.

The Lasair Pro portable particle counter supports a complete contamination control solution including clean area monitoring while meeting global requirements for data integrity and cleanroom certification standards in the recently released EU GMP Annex 1. Use for remote or portable applications.

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.1 Micron Particle Measuring Device: Lasair III 110
0.1 Micron Airborne Particle Counters: Lasair® III 110

Sensitivity range: 0.1 - 5.0 µm - The only true 0.1 micron particle counter

With a comprehensive set of features and unequaled accuracy, the Lasair III 110 0.1 micron aerosol particle counters offer reduced operating costs and the reliability and longevity to support its three-year laser warranty.

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Handheld Particle Counter
Handheld Particle Counter: Handilaz® Mini II

Sensitivity range: 0.2 - 10 µm - Complete Troubleshooting from a handheld particle counter

Ergonomically designed handheld particle counter, that fits in the palm of your hand for convenient cleanroom troubleshooting and qualification.

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continuous particle sensor
Remote Air Particle Counter: Airnet® II / IIs

Sensitivity: 0.2 - 10.0 µm and 0.3 - 5.0 µm - Annex 1 solution

Airnet® II remote air particle sensor for continuous particle counting meets the specifications of EU GMP Annex 1 and ISO 21501-4 to measure the size and number of particles suspended in the air for real-time monitoring of defect-causing particles. For use as part of a Facility monitoring system that includes an external pump.

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