GMP Cleanroom Services with Clean Air Services (CAS)

Thermal process validation, flow visualization, and
cleanroom certification & qualification

*This service is offered only in Switzerland and Austria*

With many years of experience and well-trained technicians, Particle Measuring Systems (Switzerland/Austria) is your perfect partner for cleanroom services such as cleanroom certification, cleanroom qualification, flow visualization and thermal validation.

Our GMP service protocols are now available in digital form. We continue to offer you the service you are used to.

The Swiss accreditation body SAS grants PMS accreditation as a testing laboratory for testing cleanroom systems and thermal processes in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017. The scope of STS0566 and SCS0118 accreditation is defined in the official directory of accredited testing bodies.


Our highly qualified and experienced thermal validation team uses high precision measurement systems to perform thermal process evaluations according to your requirements. Our advanced practical knowledge allows us to meet your needs, whether you require ongoing routine thermal validation or project support.

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Our team can perform on-site flow visualization to help you visualize, understand and improve existing airflows. Our team of experts will help you identify problems to ensure quality.

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We offer full cleanroom certification and qualification for all cleanroom classes based on applicable standards:

  • ISO 14644
  • EU GMP Annex 1
  • VDI 2083

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