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Contamination Monitoring Solutions

Particle Measuring Systems has the application expertise and industry-leading sensitivity particle monitoring instruments you need to control contamination to reduce yield loss.

We provide the global expertise and high-performance laser particle counters you count on. We continuously count particles when and where products are at risk to determine how clean your semiconductor/microelectronics processes really are.

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Industry Leading Sensitivity

Particle Measuring Systems is the only company to reliably provide you with the highest particle counting sensitivity for chemicals, water, airborne, compressed gas, and molecular applications.

Point of Use Contamination Monitoring
to Protect Your Product

You need your product protected where it is and when the contamination occurs. Our solutions include instruments and world-class application specialists in:

  • Continuous real-time contamination monitoring for actionable data
  • Sensitivity-leading metrology solutions
  • Measure contamination when and where products are at risk
  • Improve throughput and quality

Direct in Every Major Market

Particle Measuring Systems has direct sales and service support in every major market, as well as a global team of Application Engineers positioned in every region with a wide range of expertise to support your needs including training and technical support.

We understand that your system is unique and that your contamination monitoring needs are specialized. Our team is there to make sure you have the support you need.

Our PMS Service Team provides you with the repeatable service, repair and reliable calibration that you need to protect your product from contamination.

Industry Leading Sensitivity

We’re changing the way you monitor critical fab environments.

Watch this video to learn more about the options available to you for monitoring Air, Gas, Water, Chemicals, and Airborne Molecular Contamination with cutting-edge technology and best-in-industry sensitivity, reliability, global application support, and service.

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Contamination Control Products

Condensation Particle Counter CPC: NanoAir™ 10

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20 nm Liquid Particle Counter: Ultra DI® 20 Plus

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20 nm Chemical Particle Counter: Chem 20™

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0.1 Micron Airborne Particle Counter: Lasair® III 110 Mobile

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AMC Monitoring: AirSentry® II Point-of-Use Ion Mobility Spectrometer

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Deionized Water Particle Counter: HSLIS-M50e

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Liquid Particle Counter: LiQuilaz® II Series

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Or, let us help you find a solution for your contamination monitoring:

Explore all the ways PMS leads the industry in particle counting sensitivity.

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