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20 nm Chemical Batch Sampling Solution

Chemical batch sampling helps detect particles within the distribution and use of chemicals for semiconductor manufacturing. Semiconductor chemical manufacturers face progressively tighter requirements for particle contamination limits. Proactive particle contamination control at 30 nm sensitivity is not enough for modern process technology operating far below this size. To meet this challenge, Particle Measuring Systems offers the Chem 20 chemical particle counter, streamlining online 20 nm particle specification control into current practices. As the first reliable 20 nm particle counter in the world, the physics behind moving the sensitivity below 30 nm required significant improvement of signal detection capabilities. Chem 20’s superior sensitivity is proven by its detection of events that went unnoticed by 30 nm and above particle counters, making great strides in quality improvements of liquid systems as a result.

Batch sampling of process chemicals

Particle size specification for process chemicals is a critical quality control for the semiconductor industry. Leading-edge microelectronics manufacturers require very clean process chemicals that are rigorously monitored for contamination and filtered to a particle size of 20 nm or below.

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) offers the Chem 20™ as the world’s most sensitive particle sensor, propelling online particle specification down to 20 nm for the first time. The SLS-20 syringe sampler, combined with the Chem 20, provides the flexibility of offline batch sampling for a variety of applications, including process chemical research, production, distribution and packaging.

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  • World-leading 20 nm batch sampling of process chemicals
  • How the system makes advances in waste reduction and safety
  • Thorough investigations of common use cases performed in collaboration with PMS customers for a variety of chemicals
Chemical Batch Sampling
Chemical batch sampling solution: SLS 20 with Chem 20

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