NanoVision Technology® Enables High Molecule Scatter

NanoVision Technology® Enables High Molecular Scatter (215)

Semiconductor manufacturing utilizes ultra-pure chemistries which frequently have significant molecular scatter. This high molecular scatter reduces the signal-to-noise efficiency of older particle metrology technology and in some cases prevents its application in more demanding chemistries. In production, an adaptable metrology solution is required to effectively characterize the broad range of chemistries and solutions in use.

NanoVision Technology, integrated into the UltraChem family of products, includes a self- referencing correction that eliminates molecular scatter variations from the measurement. UltraChem products are available in both in-line and discrete sampler configurations to provide a flexible metrology solution in continuous distribution and process point-of-use measurements. This improvement in data quality and repeatability provides the most accurate measure of process chemistry quality throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process.

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