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Monitoring Guidelines for the Control of Particle Contamination in High-Purity Process Chemicals 

The critical dimension of today’s advanced semiconductors continues to trend to smaller sizes.
Killer particles have been shown to come from many sources at these small geometries. It is no longer enough to rely on the Certificates of Analysis (CoA) from high-purity material manufacturers, and in particular, for bulk and specialty chemical suppliers. Continuous particle monitoring of these chemicals at all stages of the process are required to maintain the ultra-cleanliness that is required for control.

Attend to Learn:

  • Effects of transportation on chemical cleanliness
  • Protection of the manufacturing process through filtration
  • Time to usability for new liquid filters
  • Effects of liquid filter aging on the process
  • Options for Point-of-Use (PoU) process tool chemical particle monitoring
Webinar Presented By:
David Green
Applications Engineer

Mr. Green has an extensive background in particle physics with over 12 years of experience working in the field of particle metrology. Mr. Green is based out of our PMS Germany office in Dresden as an Applications Engineer for the EMEA region. He graduated with a degree in Physics from the University College London and has worked for PMS for 10 years. Before PMS, Mr. Green worked for 5 years as an Instrument Design Scientist, where he developed a range of novel instruments to measure and characterize airborne particles. In his free time, he enjoys the exploring the outdoors, which often involves biking, hiking, and kayaking his scenic countryside.

Dwight Beal
Global Product Line Manager Liquids

Dwight Beal’s experience exceeds 35 years working directly with industry professionals, scientists, and engineers to provide reduced sampling variation using particle contamination monitoring for liquid applications. He understands the challenges customers experience and is well-known in the industry for providing the best contamination monitoring and data management solutions.