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Data Analysis Techniques for Understanding Particle Contamination in High Purity Liquids

Continuous particle monitoring in liquid systems provides valuable, real-time data that allows us to detect and eliminate sources of particle contamination. Understanding the data generated by the particle counter plays a key role in this process. This webinar will cover a range of useful data analysis techniques that may be applied to data from liquid particle counters, starting with basic techniques such as time-plot and particle size distribution analysis, before introducing more advanced data analysis techniques such a Poisson statistical analysis, and the application of Fast Fourier Transform analysis to identify cyclical contamination events.

In this on-demand webinar you’ll learn:
1. How to identify long-term particle contamination trends and sudden contamination events using time-plots
2. How to plot particle size distributions and apply them to distinguish between regular and irregular particle measurements
3. How advanced data analysis using Poisson statistics and Fast Fourier Transform analysis can be used to identify systematic and cyclical contamination events

Webinar Presented By:
David Green
Applications Engineer

Mr. Green has an extensive background in particle physics with over 12 years of experience working in the field of particle metrology. Mr. Green is based out of our PMS Germany office in Dresden as an Applications Engineer for the EMEA region. He graduated with a degree in Physics from the University College London and has worked for PMS for 10 years. Before PMS, Mr. Green worked for 5 years as an Instrument Design Scientist, where he developed a range of novel instruments to measure and characterize airborne particles. In his free time, he enjoys the exploring the outdoors, which often involves biking, hiking, and kayaking his scenic countryside.