Microbial Contamination Monitors

Continuous Microbial Monitor:
BioCapt® Single-Use

Single Use, Continuous Active Air Sampling Solution to Meet the Newest Annex 1 Expectations

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Product Details

BioCapt® Single-Use Cleanroom Microbial Monitor

Learn about the benefits of the BioCapt Single-Use (BCSU) Microbial Impactor including a demonstration of its ease of use inside an isolator, and an explanation of how it essentially eliminates false positives. The BCSU does not require time-consuming and resource-intensive processes such as autoclaving, disinfecting, washing, handling, etc.

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Part of a Facility Monitoring System (FMS)

The BioCapt Single Use is ideal for continuous viable monitoring as part of a complete cleanroom monitoring system. It can be used with an external pump or with the MiniCapt Pro viable monitoring with pump from Particle Measuring Systems. Our FMS are definitive, modular, and turn-key solutions for Cleanroom Environmental Contamination Monitoring.

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