Chemical Particle Batch Sampling to 20 nm with the SLS-20 Batch Sampler

Chemical Particle Batch Sampling to 20 nm with the SLS-20 Batch Sampler

Chemical batch Particle Counting to 20 nmThe SLS-20 chemical batch sampler and Chem 20 particle counter combined system from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) has been tested to sample contamination down to 20 nm in chemicals ranging from sulfuric acid to organic solvents. In this blog, we will be taking a look at the following process chemicals:

  • Cyclohexanone
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Ammonia hydroxide
Cyclohexanone Chemical Particle batch sampling

The particle concentration of some chemicals can be influenced by long-term storage. While some chemicals may need time for their components to fully react, some chemicals may react or change properties under light, air or temperature, creating unwanted particles. The SLS-20 and Chem 20-HI particle counting system was employed to investigate such influence on cyclohexanone. A fresh cyclohexanone sample had significantly lower concentrations of particles in comparison to an open-bottled sample. Good sample-to-sample stability was also obtained from the tests.

Hydrochloric Acid Chemical Particle batch sampling

An interesting and challenging way to test the performance of the SLS-20 and Chem 20 particle measuring system is the blind test. Four hydrochloric acid samples of equal composition were put through the system under different processes. The system was able to identify the cleanliness of the samples provided down to 24 nm with High Scatter Mode. Sample A had the highest particle concentration, followed by Sample B and Sample D. Sample C contained the least. PMS was informed the particle trend results were as expected.

Ammonia Hydroxide Chemical Particle batch sampling

The SLS-20 and Chem 20 has a low refractive index and was the ideal selection for particulate tests of ammonia hydroxide. The system could clearly tell “good” lots and “bad” lots apart down to 20 nm. The contamination monitoring data also indicated the relative particle levels between the two “good” lots.

Stay tuned for more process chemical study results in our next blog, due out next week! Can’t wait? Download the full paper here.

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