BLOG: Semiconductor Particle Contamination Control

Wet process equipment contains many components that are potential sources of particle contamination, and the ability to troubleshoot highly contaminating components in real-time without the need for offline laboratory analysis offers a significant benefit to equipment manufacturers. […]

CASE STUDY: Photomask Particle Testing Case Study

Data from the Chem 20™ Chemical Particle Counter can inform manufacturers on the benefit of strategic filtration systems. In this blog, we look at cleaning systems for ultrapure water and potassium hydroxide. […]

Particle Cleanliness of Incoming Chemical Deliveries

When receiving deliveries of high-purity process chemicals from the chemical supplier, semiconductor manufacturers will often check particle measurements to verify the chemical is sufficiently clean before accepting it into their facility. If they don’t, their filtration system might not adequately clean it of impurities, even after repeated circulation. […]