On Demand | Duration: 50 min

Aerosol Nanoparticle Monitoring to 10 nm

As the semiconductor manufacturing industry drives technological advancement, the critical particle size continues becoming smaller. It requires supporting solutions for contamination monitoring that keep up with these advances. Wafers pass through many process tools during manufacturing rendering conventional metrology techniques too slow to react to real time events, thus requiring real-time monitoring at the wafer’s surface (where it matters).

With improved technology, particle events down to 10 nm can be quickly and precisely detected improving wafer handling and development techniques. Complete tool coverage can now be achieved using a single particle counter in combination with a multipoint manifold accessory specifically designed for nanoparticle transport. This technology can also be adapted to validate and control cleanliness of bulk gases being supplied in the industry.

What you'll learn:
  • Learn the benefits of sampling down to 10 nm in order to see particle excursions that would have been missed with a standard 100 nm optical particle counter
  • Leverage real-time particle data to troubleshoot problems and improve overall tool cleanliness using the first ever SmartManifold for nanoparticle transport
  • Learn how to monitor inert bulk gases down to 10 nm
  • Discover the new NanoAir10 condensation particle counter by Particle Measuring Systems, purpose built for ultra-low maintenance, revolutionary small form factor, and best zero count rate on the market at 10 nm with no false count subtraction
Who should attend:
  • Process Engineers and Technicians
  • Equipment Engineers, Specialists and Technicians
  • Process Development and Integration Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Equipment Maintenance Engineers
  • Tool Engineers
  • Fab Engineers
  • Process Owners
  • Equipment Operations Managers
  • Process Control Engineers
  • Metrology Engineers
  • Gas Manufacturing Specialists
  • Gas Equipment Engineers
  • Gas Production Chemists
  • Gas Distribution Managers
  • Gas Safety Coordinators
  • Quality Assurance Engineers or Coordinators
Webinar Presented By:
Benton Hutchinson
Product Line Manager

Benton is a Product Line Manager in the Electronics Division, covering the aerosol, compressed gas, and airborne molecular contamination (AMC) products at Particle Measuring Systems. Before that, Benton was an Applications Engineer focusing on the AMC and aerosol products globally. He serves as a subject matter expert for both AMC and aerosol particles, specializing in their handling and mitigation in cleanroom environments. Benton holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Chemical Engineering.

Lexi Lake
Applications Engineer

Lexi Lake is an Applications Engineer with Particle Measuring Systems, serving as subject matter expert for aerosol, gas, and AMC contamination control and monitoring. Prior to this, Lexi was an Aerobiology Engineer working in Aerosol Science Research and Development validating the Aerobiology Testing Lab and designing new aerosol and microbial contamination monitoring products. Before joining Particle Measuring Systems, she designed and ran research experiments related to respiratory and airborne diseases and therapies. Lexi holds a Master of Science in Microbiology and a Bachelor of Science in Biology.