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New Technologies and Options for Real-Time Aerosol Particle Monitoring Within Semiconductor Process Tools

Semiconductor manufacturing drives technological advancement and requires supporting solutions for contamination monitoring that keep up with these advances. Wafers pass through many process tools during the manufacturing process, requiring real-time contamination data to protect wafers from damage.

The latest in aerosol particle monitoring technology offers immediate and continuous data that enables quick and precise detection of particle contamination during manufacturing processes with sensitivity for particles as small as 10 nm. In addition, complete tool coverage can now be achieved using a single particle counter in combination with a multipoint manifold accessory.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • New possibilities for contamination control from the latest particle counting solutions
  • How to leverage real-time particle data to troubleshoot problems and improve overall tool cleanliness
  • The benefits of achieving complete tool coverage using a multipoint manifold system
Webinar Presented By:
David Green
Applications Engineer

Mr. Green has an extensive background in particle physics with over 12 years of experience working in the field of particle metrology. Mr. Green is based out of our PMS Germany office in Dresden as an Applications Engineer for the EMEA region. He graduated with a degree in Physics from the University College London and has worked for PMS for 10 years. Before PMS, Mr. Green worked for 5 years as an Instrument Design Scientist, where he developed a range of novel instruments to measure and characterize airborne particles. In his free time, he enjoys the exploring the outdoors, which often involves biking, hiking, and kayaking his scenic countryside.