Remote GMP Validation and Training services case study

Remote GMP Validation and Training services case study

Learn about the COVID-era story of a pharmaceutical manufacturing customer in Brazil. Together with Particle Measuring Systems, they performed a microbial contamination system validation and training almost entirely remotely.

Because of COVID travel constraints neither PMS nor the site-appointed point person were able to travel to the site where the validation was taking place. Together, the PMS team and the customer utilized webcams and Microsoft Teams to perform a full-scale validation and training with both parties barley leaving their home offices!  The project was a great success and a new and creative model for remote validation and training was born.

Find the right Validation and Training Advisors from Particle Measuring Systems to meet and exceed your needs too!

Click here to request a demo and learn more about an exceptionally flexible and turn-key approach to microbial contamination control with a MiniCapt Mobile Active Air Sampler and Facility Pro software. Of course, they can be validated remotely for the unique needs of your manufacturing.

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