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HPD™ II High Pressure Diffuser

The HPD II Aerosol Monitoring Accessory is compatible with non-toxic, non-flammable gases such as Clean Dry Air (CDA), Argon, Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide.

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Product Details

Designed for use with the Lasair III (110, 310, 310P), AirNet (310, 510), IsoAir (310P, Pro-E, Pro-Plus), Lasair Pro (310)

  • Simple connections for gas inlet/outlet
  • Filtration of any excess gas
  • Particle counter can remain on, even when gas supply is off
  • Two models to reduce high-pressure gas between 40 – 100psi or 75 – 150 psi to about atmospheric pressure
  • Use in conjunction with many PMS particle counters to measure particles as small as 0.1 µm in CDA (compressed dry air), nitrogen, carbon dioxide or argon
  • Allows users to efficiently monitor pressurized gases with standard aerosol particle counters
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