Sampling Compressed Gas with the Lasair® III Particle Counter

This document provides technical information and recommended methods for sampling compressed gas using the Lasair® III Particle Counter in combination with the High Pressure Diffuser III (HPD III).

compressed gas particle counting


The Lasair III is an airborne particle counter designed for sampling air at standard pressure conditions. The instrument measures the mass flow using a differential pressure sensor that regulates the pressure drop in the sampling region. Pressure drops across the inlet and outlet jets is measured and provides the most precise measurement of flow.

Mass flow is corrected to volumetric flow by using data from an additional atmospheric sensor. The volumetric flow is calculated using the mass flow measured value and the atmospheric pressure.

The Lasair III Aerosol Particle Counter and the IsoAir® 310P Aerosol Particle Sensor use a sophisticated system described by U.S. Patent 6167107 that controls the volumetric flow.

The instrument flow controller is calibrated for air sampling at standard pressure conditions in accordance with ISO 21501-4; for this reason, it is important to consider several factors while sampling gas other than air.


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