Sensitivity range: 0.1 - 5.0 µm

High-technology manufacturing processes often require high-purity gases. The HPGP-101-C High Pressure Gas Probe System provides reliable in-line contamination monitoring for process gases at line pressure. The High Pressure Gas Probe System is compatible with oxygen, hydrogen and most non-toxic gases, and it can be used in many reactive gas monitoring applications. The High Pressure Gas Probe System speeds qualification of process gas distribution systems and detects particles in gases before they impact yield. The HPGP is paired with the Particle Data System, Ethernet (PDS-E) that collect and report data captured by the probe.

While HPGP meets all other CE requirements, it is not RoHS compliant and not saleable to portions of Europe after July 22, 2017. 

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  • Safety containment vessel
  • Oxygen and hydrogen compatibility
  • 0.1μm sensitivity at 0.1SCFM
  • Eight particle channels
  • Line pressures from 40 to 150psig
  • Passive laser cavity
  • Parallel processing array detector system


  • Verifies gas quality
  • Detects process upsets
  • Quantifies impact of system changes
  • Provides accurate particle sizing
  • Uses Facility Net Software for comprehensive data storage, management, reports and alarms
  • Passive cavity design requires infrequent maintenance
  • Inert gas purge ensures safety
  • Leakage of sample gas to vessel discontinues power to electronics


  • Qualification of gas distribution systems
  • Process gas monitoring
  • Reactive gas monitoring

Available Accessories

Rack Mount (PDS-E)

Rack Mount (PDS-E)

Rack Mount for the PDS-E that fits into a standard 19-inch rack. Note that any mounting rack must allow for air flow from the fan on the rear of the instrument.

Facility Net Software

Facility Net Software

Facility Net Software provides a solution for comprehensive environmental monitoring, including a real-time and historical data display. Compatible with Particle Measuring Systems particle counters and molecular contamination monitors, as well as various third-party products.

Particle Data System (PDS-E)

Particle Data System (PDS-E)

Microprocessor based data system. The PDS-E will accept one probe and includes a wall-mount box, RS-232 setup cable and FacilityNet Software. Sensor not included.

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