Microbial Contamination Monitors

OLED N2 Box Particle Monitoring Solutions

The Flat Panel Display manufacturing industry is evolving rapidly with growth driven by mobile devices and resolution improvements. Most display manufacturers are investing in Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology which offers improvements in color fidelity, contrast, and power consumption over legacy TFT-LCD platforms. Compared with TFT-LCD, the OLED process is more sensitive to micro contamination, including particles, electrostatic discharge (ESD), airborne molecular contamination (AMC), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and even H2O molecules. To protect against these micro contaminants, many OLED processes and panel handling are performed in pure N2 environments. The high isolation requirements of the N2 box present challenges when attempting to monitor contamination using traditional cleanroom monitoring approaches.

OLED N2 Box Particle Monitoring 278

The OLED display production process is vulnerable to particle contamination, but also to low levels of O2 and H2O contamination. This adds a level of complexity to monitoring particle contamination in these production environments while not adding additional O2 contamination into the system. Particle Measuring Systems has investigated these challenges and successfully implemented proven monitoring solutions for N2 environments in modern OLED flat panel display facilities.

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