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Microplastics in Wastewater
BLOG: Counting Microplastics in Wastewater

In industry, the current methods to measure microplastics lack standardization, are highly prone to contamination, and do not measure small enough particles. Nike recently released a case study, “Measuring and Controlling Microparticles in Textile Wastewater” leveraging Particle Measuring Systems’ (PMS) Liquilaz® II particle counter to count microplastics. Authored by John H. Rydzewski, Richard Woodling, and Yue Yang, the paper discusses the goal to minimize microplastics in aquatic systems while validating the results through the LiQuilaz II particle counter. The authors of this paper propose a new approach of measurement and filtration that has the opportunity to reduce the microplastics that end up in our water.  This alternative method would allow manufacturers to measure particles in treated textile water continuously for particles that are as small as 2.0 microns. 

PRESS RELEASE: Particle Measuring Systems introduces a 10 nm aerosol particle counter with unsurpassed accuracy and smallest size available

The NanoAirTM 10 is a purpose-built 10 nm aerosol particle counter that enables the detection of yield-impacting particles from within process tools, across critical cleanroom areas, and in pressurized high-purity gas.  November 15, 2022, Boulder, CO – The NanoAir 10 is a revolutionary new aerosol nanoparticle counter from Particle Measuring…

PRESS RELEASE: Particle Measuring Systems Releases Fully Compliant Remote Microbial Air Sampler with Flexible Installation and Easy Environmental Monitoring System Integration

The highly adaptable, new MiniCapt® Pro offers fully compliant remote microbial monitoring with built-in pump and advanced communication options for remote viable monitoring. November 28, 2022, Boulder, CO – The MiniCapt® Pro Remote Microbial Air Sampler from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) incorporates the latest viable cleanroom monitoring technologies into one instrument to customize cleanroom…

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