PRESS RELEASE: Particle Measuring Systems Releases Fully Compliant Remote Microbial Air Sampler with Flexible Installation and Easy Environmental Monitoring System Integration

PRESS RELEASE: Particle Measuring Systems Releases Fully Compliant Remote Microbial Air Sampler with Flexible Installation and Easy Environmental Monitoring System Integration

The highly adaptable, new MiniCapt® Pro offers fully compliant remote microbial monitoring with built-in pump and advanced communication options for remote viable monitoring.

November 28, 2022, Boulder, CO – The MiniCapt® Pro Remote Microbial Air Sampler from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) incorporates the latest viable cleanroom monitoring technologies into one instrument to customize cleanroom and isolator microbial monitoring. This new product meets EU GMP Annex 1 regulatory requirements and the operational needs of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry where flexible connectivity and compliance are of value.

Loaded with features, the MiniCapt Pro’s small footprint is designed for mounting in tight spaces and gives the user all-in-one flexible installation options with a  HEPA-filter compatible internal pump, various power options including Power over Ethernet (PoE), WiFi, and digital I/O capabilities. The external 316L stainless steel enclosure is liquid resistant and has an IP65 rating that protects the unit during cleaning activities and from harsh environments. The mounting bracket with optional NFC allows for simple installation, removal, and reprogramming after service. The MiniCapt Pro collects viable particulate contamination using the BioCapt® and BioCapt Single-Use microbial impactors and accommodates various settle plate options.

“The MiniCapt Pro remote viable air sampler is an example of how Particle Measuring Systems Engineers build flexibility into their products to meet the evolving and specific needs of their customers.” said Paul Hartigan, Global Aerosol Product Line Manager at Particle Measuring Systems. He continued, “We are excited about the addition of the Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability and the optional Smart Bracket mounting system that incorporates NFC capabilities to simplify service and installation.  This remote microbial sampler adds to our world-class line of viable monitoring and contamination control products. Our customers especially benefit from the small footprint and all-in-one nature of this instrument, giving them the ability to monitor aseptic processes close to critical control points.”

After initial installation, the MiniCapt Pro’s plug-and-play connectivity allows it to easily integrate into PMS or third-party facility monitoring and compliant data management software systems. Additionally, the quick-release mounting bracket stores essential sensor data such as the IP address at the point of measurement, reducing installation time and errors after calibration or servicing.

The MiniCapt Pro is part of Particle Measuring Systems’ Pro Series of advanced contamination control solutions. Use the MiniCapt Pro alone, or together with other viable and nonviable, remote and portable, instruments in the Pro Series line of instruments to monitor clean and aseptic manufacturing areas with the full confidence of meeting global regulatory requirements.


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