PRO Series for Complete Contamination Control

The new PRO Series of Contamination Control solutions helps you provide lifesaving and life changing solutions to your customers by confirming clean manufacturing while meeting industry regulations.

An advancement in contamination monitoring solutions.

The new PRO Series of complete contamination control solutions includes portable and remote, viable and non-viable particle counters, and FMS and Data Management solutions.

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) is proud to present the latest in their line of PRO Series particle counters. The Lasair Pro portable airborne particle counter supports a complete contamination control solution including clean area monitoring (portable and remote) while meeting global requirements for data integrity. Designed for intuitive and reliable aerosol particle counting, this newest addition to the PMS fleet supports a variety of applications while meeting, and anticipating future, international cleanroom certification standards.

Contamination Control Products

Portable Particle Counter: Lasair® Pro

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Remote Particle Counter: IsoAir® Pro-E

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Remote Particle Counter: IsoAir® Pro-Plus

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Microbial Remote Air Sampler: MiniCapt® Pro

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Facility Monitoring System (FMS): FacilityPro®

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FacilityPro® Cleanroom Software for Pharmaceuticals

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PharmaceuticalNet™ Pro: Environmental Monitoring Software

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