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Facility Monitoring Systems: FacilityPro® Automation Solutions v. PC-based

Facility Monitoring Systems: FacilityPro Automation Solutions v. PC-based

The current trend in Facility Monitoring Systems (FMS) is to offer a more industrial automated solution versus PC-based approaches.

The PC-based Facility Monitoring System was common in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They cost less money upfront and reduce installation times compared to Automated Control Systems.

Facility Monitoring SystemHowever, over the last ten years the reliability and complexity in requirements of facility monitoring systems has increased and the demands of a cleanroom data management system and the costs of industrial automated solutions has decreased.

The requirements of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for a more robust and reliable solutions for Facility Monitoring Solutions in a cleanroom is driving more and more facilities to install an Industrial Automated Control Solution instead of a PC-based system to manage data from particle counters, microbial monitors, and more…


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