Viable and Non Viable Particle Counts

Viable and Non Viable Particle Counts

Environmental and Process Monitoring- Annex 1, Section 9.4

In Part 3 of our 5 part blog series, we look at Viable Non Viable (V/NV ) Particle counts regarding Environmental and Process Monitoring as found in Annex 1, Section 9.4:

That is: time, temperature, or aerobic / anaerobic conditions need to be established.

  • A Risk assessment must be based on detailed knowledge of
    • the process inputs and final product,
    • the facility, equipment, specific processes, the operations involved,
    • historical monitoring data, monitoring data obtained during qualification
    • knowledge of typical microbial flora isolated from the environment.

Another approach to consider is air visualization studies.

The RA for Viable Non Viable Particle Counts needs to be regularly reviewed to confirm the effectiveness of the environmental monitoring process.

EMPQ and Monitoring

Process Understanding- What’s it for?

  • It serves to correlate the process with the monitoring data
  • It allows identifying areas and operations critical for the production

What data is needed for Viable Non Viable Particle Counts?

Gather detailed information about your process to define all critical operations and locations.

In the next blog in this series we will continue to examine Annex 1 and QRM principles and areas where those are discussed.

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