Handheld Particle Counter Benefits: A Wealth of Applications

Handheld Particle Counter Benefits: A Wealth of Applications

Due to the accuracy, precision, ease of use, and nimble deployment capability, the HandiLaz Mini II handheld particle counter from Particle Measuring Systems PMS has been used successfully in many value-added applications across various industries and facility locations.

Industry Facility Location
Semiconductor, LCD/LED, Laser Optics, Automotive/Aerospace, OEM, Filter, Medical Mask Cleanroom Bay / Chase, Process Tool / Mini Environment / EFEM, Tool Exhaust, Under RMF, Subfab, Trench / Utility Area, Interstitial, MAH


In these applications, cleanroom certification is time-consuming but necessary. The “Sequential Sampling” method dramatically reduces the volume required to certify an area. It defines a minimum required sample volume based on the volume needed to capture twenty particles at the certification particle size. It’s based on the count thresholds in the ISO 14644-1 standard. Note that certifying for larger particle sizes and cleaner (lower in number) ISO classes require larger sample volumes.

The Secret to Sequential Particle Counting

With the built-in Standard Comparison Display feature, the HandiLaz Mini II handheld particle counter assesses certification readiness using the same scheme as ISO 14644-1. The data is real-time that shows normalized continuous particle data versus the standard’s limits for that particular ISO class. The class can be changed on the fly to other standards, such as FED 209E. Reaching the minimum sample volume is optional.

Sustaining High Yields and Throughput

The most value-adding phase of cleanroom control occurs after certification. Generally, this “sustaining” phase of data collection involves regular, periodic sampling. Air Particle counting locations identified as either critical for product yield or those prone to particle excursion are monitored. Regular interval sampling in 3D space isn’t easy with traditional particles, but ideal for the lightweight and portable HandiLaz Mini II particle counter. For an operator, there’s a high benefit to being able to carry a particle counter in one hand. Ease-of-use extends to a variety of areas such as confined spaces, under raised-metal floors, interstitial rooms, chase areas, sub-fab spaces, equipment rooms, laboratories, and more. Specific use-cases are detailed in the application note found here.

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