Finding a Particle Source via a Handheld Aerosol Particle Counter

Finding a Particle Source via a Handheld Aerosol Particle Counter

Pinpointing a particle source can be a challenge in cleanrooms and laboratory flow equipment where the movement of clean air (which is the purpose of the air handling system) can mask particle generators such as faulty filters, motors, robots, operators and residual dust.  The Handilaz® Mini II handheld particle counter has two significant advantages to help overcome this challenge.  First, the 0.2 micron sensitivity allows for measurement of particles that can affect the overall performance of rooms as clean as ISO Class 3.  Second, its small size allows the user to easily scan areas of interest without the weight, bulk and additional equipment required by other instruments.

Use of the Handilaz Mini II is as easy as 1, 2, 3! With the instrument powered on, the user simply:

  1. Selects the multi-channel screen.
  2. Sets the duration of the sample time.
  3. Presses the start button on the front panel.

Once the particle source is found, counts will immediately begin to increase relative to the surrounding area.  In most cases, one can pinpoint the source to within an inch of its emission simply by manipulating the position of the instrument during the sampling cycle.  The data is not only displayed but is stored internally and can be downloaded for future analysis.

This makes the HandiLaz Mini II handheld Airborne Particle Counter ideal for users who are in need of convenient cleanroom monitoring and serves as a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot sources of particle generation without the hassle of heavy equipment. Particle Measuring Systems offers a wide range of solutions that are compliant to the latest ISO/GMP requirements to ensure contamination control in critical manufacturing environments.


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Applicable Standards: 21 CFR 11 & cGMPISO 14644EU GMP Annex 1


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