Contamination Monitoring Solutions

Our goal is to be the differentiated leader for contamination monitoring by improving the performance of clean manufacturers through the application of superior technology, quality and services.
Our products are implemented across industries and address multiple application challenges (e.g. ISO 14644, ISO 21501-4, and others).
We’re here to help you find the right solution for your contamination monitoring needs.

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Beyond Innovative Technology: Leveraging Our Expertise

As experts in the industry since 1972, we are proud to provide resources, advisory services, and educational training through our Particle College, webinars, and more. How can we help?

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

We have set a clear ambition to Net Zero by 2030 (Scope 1 and 2 emissions)
and are actively working on 100% renewable energy.

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Without measurement there is no control

With over 50 years of experience in product development and applications, our customer support is ready to answer your questions or prepare a quote for you.

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