USP Revision Overview

USP<1788> 2022 Revision Overview


In May 2021 a revision to USP<1788> Methods for Determination of Subvisible Particulate Matter was issued. It replaced the existing guidance contained in previous versions of USP <1788> (2011), which covered only the testing requirements for Optical Light Obscuration testing and Microscope testing – carry over from previous USP <788>.

This webinar looks at the holistic view of finished product contaminants, and how they should be investigated.

USP<1788> provides guidance to better describe the process around understanding why the current limits and methods prescribed in <788> are applied.


Webinar Presented By:
Dan Rodier
Ph.D, Technology Development Manager, Electronics Division Particle Measuring Systems

Dr. Rodier has a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Colorado and has over 25 years of experience developing and implementing technologies and strategies to measure airborne molecular species and particulate contamination. He has worked with customers across Asia, Europe, and North America to implement monitoring programs in the semiconductor, disk drive, and display industries.

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Christian Glosse
Associate Product Line Manager