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Leveraging Data Management for Root Cause Identification in Critical Environments

With the increasing employment of sophisticated Data Management software, the collection and evaluation of multiple data has never been easier! However, managing such a large amount of information may represent a challenge, resulting in a potential obstacle to effective identification of the root cause of the environmental OOS associated deviation in reasonable time. In this webinar you will learn the best practices to effectively approach a complete investigation with the support of an Environmental Monitoring Data Management software, combining the traditional investigation methods with the enhanced capabilities of analysis provided by the software-based solution.

Webinar Presented By:
Anna Campanella, PhD
Advisory Team Head, Particle Measuring Systems

Anna has vast industry experience which she uses to collaborate and consult with pharmaceutical companies. She is highly skilled in the development and implementation of science-based strategies, principles of contamination monitoring, and methods of controlling and improving the chemical, physical, and microbiological states of various production processes. Anna holds a PhD in Molecular Medicine and is an authority in many areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing; such as: QA & QC processes, validation of chemical and microbiological methods and the validation of sterile production processes. Additionally, she maintains expert-level knowledge of the microbiological aspects of aseptic production processes.

Maurizio Della Pietra, M.Phys.
Associated Product Line Manager for Life Science Services, Particle Measuring Systems

Maurizio collaborates and consults with pharmaceutical companies and with developers of pharmaceutical equipment and isolation technologies with the goal of improving sterility assurance and achieving science-based strategies. He is also the EMEA Field Application Specialist for Data Management and Analysis. Maurizio has a strong background in QA processes, equipment validation, utilities, facilities, computer systems, data, aseptic production processes, and statistical analysis.

Daniele Pandolfi
Global Product Line Manager, Software, Systems and Services Particle Measuring Systems

With over 17 years of experience in contamination control, Daniele Pandolfi excels in product management, collaborating with teams worldwide and staying up to date with industry regulations and trends.

He is a seasoned public speaker at events such as ISPE, PDA, and iInternational pharmaceutical exhibitions. His expertise has been featured in multiple publications including the American Pharmaceutical Review and relevant GMP technology publication for pharmaceutical industry.

With a strategic and innovative approach, Daniele is passionate about sharing knowledge on regulatory requirements, technological trends, and contamination control experiences to help pharma users achieving their compliance goal.