WEBINAR: Complying with USP 729 and 788-1788 Regulatory Requirements

On Demand

Meeting USP 729 / USP 788-1788 Regulatory Requirements

Release of parental drugs for injection requires test apparatus to be accurate, precise, reliable, and compliant with the latest international regulation. Learning how to keep a Light Obscuration particle counter under continuous control, guaranteeing steady performance, is the key to commercializing quality products and ensuring patient safety. This on-demand webinar covers key international requirements to properly perform particle count testing in injectable liquid, including instruction and best practices to run meaningful and frequent suitability tests.


Looking for a liquid particle counter that meets USP 788? See our APSS 2000.

Webinar Presented By:
Daniele Pandolfi
Global Product Line Manager, Software, Systems and Services Particle Measuring Systems

With over 17 years of experience in contamination control, Daniele Pandolfi excels in product management, collaborating with teams worldwide and staying up to date with industry regulations and trends.

He is a seasoned public speaker at events such as ISPE, PDA, and iInternational pharmaceutical exhibitions. His expertise has been featured in multiple publications including the American Pharmaceutical Review and relevant GMP technology publication for pharmaceutical industry.

With a strategic and innovative approach, Daniele is passionate about sharing knowledge on regulatory requirements, technological trends, and contamination control experiences to help pharma users achieving their compliance goal.

Paul Hartigan
Global Product Line Manager Instruments and Sensors

Paul Hartigan is the Global Product Line Manager for Instruments and Sensors with Particle Measuring Systems. He has held various product management responsibilities over the last 10 years with Particle Measuring Systems including responsibility for Liquids, Aerosol and Microbial based products along with Environmental Monitoring Systems software and hardware. Hi responsibilities have included developing the latest technologies into products for use in Life Science cleanroom operations. Paul holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business. He has written numerous papers related to the application of products in the Life Sciences industry and presented at organizations throughout the world, including instruction at various trade organizations.