The NanoAir™ 10 Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) is a revolutionary new 10 nm air and gas monitoring instrument from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS). It provides the sensitivity of a CPC with the ease of use and functionality of a traditional cleanroom particle counter. Designed to monitor ultra-clean environments, it delivers 10 nm detection sensitivity at a sample flow rate of 2.8 L/min (0.1 CFM).

The NanoAir™ 10’s form factor is 83% smaller than competitive products making it practical to use anywhere in ultra-clean environments, including inside semiconductor process tools and minienvironments. The innovative patent-pending working fluid handling system design is robust and efficient, enabling 24/7, 365 days continuous operation without the need for maintenance or user intervention of any kind between the annually required working fluid refill and calibration. Thereby, reducing sampling and data collection interruptions and tool downtime.

A 10-port manifold companion product (ParticleSeeker™) supports applications that require multiple sample locations to be monitored in sequential or programmed sequences.

Additionally, the NanoAir™ is high-pressure gas compatible with the HPD-III from PMS, and data can be viewed, analyzed and reported using PMS Facility Net facility monitoring software or transmitted directly to third-party SCADA systems or process tool inputs.