Learn how to easily and intuitively set up the Lasair Pro portable particle counter from Particle Measuring Systems. This video includes instruction to set up:
– date
– time
– language
– how to find unit information (battery, serial #…)
– instrument ID
– calibration warning and timing
– time zone
– NTP (network time protocol)
– channels (all channel mode, pharma mode…)
– units of measurement (microns or nanometer)

The Lasair Pro cleanroom particle counter can be used for remote/continuous or portable/ mobile application such as cleanroom certification. It has a sensitivity range of 0.3 – 25 microns, meets current and anticipated regulatory requirements including for data integrity.

Other features include:
– up to 20,000 recorded activities
– up to 100 configurable users with 3 privilege groups
– 100 configurable recipes
– optional printer
– unlimited users and recipes with NFC card
– audit trail
and more!