When Argonaut Manufacturing Services was setting up their new state-of-the-art fill line (a Bausch & Stroebel line with VarioSys), they wanted the best contamination monitoring solution to ensure proven product reliability for their customers. When Stacy Sutton, VP of Regulatory & Quality, joined Argonaut and saw the default viable & non-viable monitoring solution for this fill line she quickly realized it was inadequate for their needs. The problem was, they had a tight timeframe to get everything done. She contacted Particle Measuring Systems (PMS), who quickly mobilized and was able to meet their needs with an industry-leading contamination monitoring solution including BioCapt #microbial impactors, IsoAir #particle counters and FaciltyPro processors for #FMS data management. Find the right #GMP contamination control solution from Particle Measuring systems to meet and exceed your needs too!