BLOG: Finding Root Causes of Contamination

In our previous blog in this series, we introduced you to the contamination control strategy (CCS), and why you need one. This time, we look at the quality risk management approach to preparing the CCS in order to design the ideal cleanroom for your Pharma process. […]

BLOG: Build the Ideal Contamination Control Strategy

The CCS is designed to ensure quality risk management is built into every pharmaceutical process from the ground up, and every quality decision made has a foundation in scientific reasoning. […]

Thoughts on 2021 and Beyond from a Global Service Provider (Part 2 of 2)

In this 2-part blog series, we hear excerpts from an interview between Frank Panofen, Global Marketing Manager at Particle Measuring Systems and Rizwan Chaudhrey. They talk about how Particle Measuring Systems rapidly adapted to the change in our customers’ needs for manufacturing support around the world in 2020 and how they think the industry will be different because of it in 2021 and beyond. […]