HPD™II High Pressure Diffuser

HPD™II High Pressure Diffuser

The HPD II Aerosol Monitoring Accessory is compatible with non-toxic, non-flammable gases such as Clean Dry Air (CDA), Argon, Nitrogen, and Carbon dioxide.

Sampling gases at pressures greater than sea level, from 40 up to 150 psi, is challenging for particle counters. Connecting pressurized air or gas to a particle counter can defeat its flow metering system and possibly damage the instrument.

High Pressure Diffusers (HPDs) have been developed to address particle counting in compressed gas. HPDs reduce the pressure of the gas to about atmospheric pressure by allowing some of the air/gas to diffuse out of the system and allow the Lasair III particle counter’s flow-metering system to function as designed. This product works with Lasair III (110, 310, 310P), AirNet (310, 510), IsoAir (310P, Pro-E, Pro-Plus), Lasair Pro (310)

Learn more about PMS particle counter compatibility with compressed gas in this comprehensive comparison table.

Particle Measuring Systems engineers, manufactures, installs, calibrates, repairs, and maintains the HPD™ II High Pressure Diffuser.


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