LiQuilaz Particle Counter Maintenance: Cleaning Procedure Using Syringes

LiQuilaz Particle Counter Maintenance: Cleaning Procedure Using Syringes

Cleaning Procedure Using Syringes

  1. 1.png3.pngIsolate the LiQuilaz particle counter from fluid source.
  2. If necessary, flush with the appropriate fluids to return to a pH neutral or otherwise harmless condition.
  3. Disconnect the bottom fitting (inlet) first to allow fluid to safely drop away from the capillary.
  4. Disconnect the fluid outlet fitting from the LiQuilaz particle counter.
  5. Have ready two 10 mL syringes.
  6. 2.pngSelect the appropriate cleaning solution. (See the Selecting a Cleaning Solution blog post.)
  7. Fill each cleaning syringe with 5 mL of cleaning solution.
  8. Attach one cleaning syringe to the LiQuilaz inlet and the other to the LiQuilaz outlet.
  9. Force the cleaning fluid back and forth between the two syringes for 30 seconds to one minute.
  10. Remove syringes by disconnecting the bottom syringe first.
  11. Be careful not to spill fluid into the gaps between metal sections of the LiQuilaz housing.
  12. Immediately wipe up any spills.
  13. Connect LiQuilaz inlet to source of ultra-pure deionized water.
  14. Connect LiQuilaz particle counter outlet to drain suitable for cleaning fluid.
  15. Flush cleaning fluid from LiQuilaz for 3 – 5 minutes with DI water.
  16. Check DC light using the software provided.


  • If DC light fails to meet sensor specifications, repeat cleaning with syringes until successful.
  • If a series of cleaning attempts has been unsuccessful with the syringe, follow the Cleaning Procedure Using Floss section or return the instrument to the Particle Measuring Systems certified service department.

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