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LiQuilaz® II Maintenance: Capillary Cleaning Procedure

LiQuilaz® II Maintenance: Capillary Cleaning Procedure

For optimal performance, liquid particle counters require occasional cleaning of the liquid capillary. Multiple methods can be used to achieve better cleanliness. This is a basic instruction guide for multiple cleaning methods for the capillary of a LiQuilaz II liquid particle counter.

The need for capillary cleaning and the general health of the capillary can be improved by continuously running water through the system when it is not in use. In addition, never allow the capillary to dry out, as this could permanently damage the capillary. The two procedures for cleaning the capillary are Cleaning Procedure Using Syringes, and Cleaning Procedure Using Floss.

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The two videos below from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) also provide good instructions:




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