APSS-2000 and SamplerSight™ Pharma (Frequently Asked Questions)

APSS-2000 and SamplerSight Pharma Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ paper answers questions pertaining to the data management, security and calibration of systems employing APSS-2000 and SamplerSight Pharma.

Topics in this paper include:

  • Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Calibration
  • Data Printout and Export
  • System and Security

Some questions covered in this paper are

  • If you can set up a database, is the data retrievable? What is the best way to set up fields for data retrieval?
  • How is resolution calculated during calibration (same as USP <1788>)?
  • What formats are available when exporting data?
  • What is LIMS interfacing?
  • …and Many More!

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