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Airnet® 510 XR Resilience to Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide

Airnet® II 510 XR Resilience to Vaporized H202

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has moved toward isolator technologies and enclosed filling lines. A common sterilizing agent used in these closed environments is Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP), a strong oxidizing agent. If significant VHP is drawn into most particle counters, it can damage the particle counter, cause it to malfunction and give incorrect counts.

Particle Measuring Systems has nullified the impact of VHP in their Airnet® II 510 XR aerosol particle counter.

The comparison test between Airnet II standard and XR version shows strong and reliable Airnet®  II 510 XR’s resistance against VHP, with maintenance cost savings and better counting performance in accordance with ISO 21501-4.

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