Particle Measuring Systems is a manufacturer for various contamination monitoring systems and equipment, including remote and portable particle counters for air, liquid, and gas applications. Our advanced technology and specialized services make our company a worldwide leader for cleanroom and clean manufacturing industries. 

To distinguish ourselves from competitors, Particle Measuring Systems offers additional service and support for our systems and equipment, such as advisory training, web seminars, videos, rentals, and repairs. Please contact our service and support team for more information.

Particle Monitoring Systems

We manufacturer the following types of contamination monitoring systems, including remote and portable particle counters:  

Air and Gas Particle Counters

  • Type: Portable, remote (fixed location), and sequential monitoring
  • Media: Air and compressed gases
  • Application: Cleanroom and production monitoring

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Liquid Particle Counters

  • Type: In-line, batch sampler, cleanliness testing
  • Media: Ultrapure water (UPW) and chemicals
  • Application: Injectable product and water tests, chemical manufacturing and distribution, and parts cleaning

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Microbial Viable Contamination Monitors

  • Type: Portable and remote
  • Sampling Environment: Air, gases, and surface
  • Application: Cleanroom, production and surface monitoring

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Molecular Contamination Monitors

Type: Mobile, point of use, and sequential

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Facility Monitoring Systems and Data Management

We have a full line of Environmental Monitoring and Data Management solutions to help you meet data integrity regulations while generating actionable insights. 

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Our products service the following industries:


Particle Measuring Systems promotes corporate responsibility and follows a strict code of business ethics. We promise to uphold and manufacture each of our products to appropriate industry guidelines and standards.   

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