Choosing a Contamination Control Solutions Provider

Choosing a Contamination Control Solutions Provider

When choosing a particle counting contamination control provider for your controlled environment, much emphasis is put on the instruments (particle counters). But there are other equally important factors. When you buy instruments for long-term use, you are entering into a long-term partnership. Make sure it’s the right fit for you. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Industry experience
    Does the company you are purchasing from understand the industry requirements (such as ISO 14644-1, Annex 1, and 21CFR Part 11), your processes, and any relevant regulations? Can they answer your questions accurately and ensure you have the right solutions for your application? Can they support you in preparing for audits (customer and regulatory)?

In this brief video, Particle Measuring Systems senior manager, Fu-Lun Yu discusses how PMS was able to provide a customer in Taiwan the information they required to be fully prepared for a customer audit.

2. Complete Project Solutions and Support
When looking for a contamination control  solutions provider / partner, consider the support they can provide. Do they have full project support?  Particle Measuring Systems has a highly experienced, well-trained team to support your applications and only PMS is a complete contamination control solutions provider. PMS has a Contamination Control Advisory Team, a Global team of application engineers, Project Management, Software Support services, and more.

Watch this video to learn how Particle Measuring Systems partnered with Argonaut Manufacturing Services

3. Location
Where is your contamination control team of experts located? Will someone else be doing the servicing? Particle Measuring Systems is direct in every major market and ready to support your needs.

4. Service
Who does their service? Where are they located? What is included in the warranty? Particle Measuring Systems is direct in every major market so you can be assured of the same level of highly trained contamination control experts and identically calibrated instruments. Another issue to address: what is typical service turnaround?

5. Ongoing Support

When is support available? How can you get it (email? phone? chat?) How quickly do they respond to emails? What if you need someone on site? Particle Measuring Systems’ is proud of our quick response. We survey our global customers monthly to ensure we meet and exceed their expectations and are happy to share those results with you.

Learn more about our particle counters, project management team, advisory services, or read our knowledge center written by our experts. Contact us for more information.

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