Liquid Particle Counter Syringe Sampler

Liquid Particle Counter Syringe Sampler

A particle counter syringe sampler can be the best solution for expensive liquids.

Before measuring particles in fluid, consider the method for delivering the sample fluid to the particle counter. For unpressurized fluid sources, the choices available depend on the sample fluid. Water provides the greatest range of options, while fluorinated chemistries such as HF can significantly restrict the options. Compatibility of the wetted surfaces with the sampling fluids will help you determine the best solution.

Syringe Liquid Particle SamplerA sampler using a syringe pump represents the simplest delivery system for precisely delivering the sample fluid to the particle counter. Benefits of the syringe pump include:

  • Draws the fluid through the sampler in a smooth, continuous flow without pulsations
  • Eliminates valves and complex sample plumbing
  • Enables rapid cleanup between samples
  • Allows the sampler to measure volumes < 1 ml

Additionally, the syringe sampler can provide a delay (“tare volume”) while the flow ramps to speed and stabilizes at the particle counter’s calibrated flowrate.

To learn more about syringe samplers download the full paper here.

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) offers several Syringe Samplers for particle counting including:


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