Particle Measuring Systems’ Service Team Puts Customer Satisfaction First

Particle Measuring Systems’ Service Team Puts Customer Satisfaction First

After you invest in a particle counter, you start a long term, ongoing relationship with the particle counter manufacturer because particle counters are high precision instruments requiring regular calibration and occasional servicing. We know our customers want reliability in a particle counter servicing partner, which means:

  • no hidden costs
  • turnaround time that meets expectations, and
  • quick responses.

To make sure we meet these needs we survey all service customers regularly, review their results and comments, and take the results to continually improve.

The results…? Particle Measuring Systems service NPS results, over the last two years, run in the high 60s to low 80s, which means our customers consistently rank our global service as excellent.

This is what our Particle Measuring Systems service customers have told us recently:

PMS is very communicative and working very hard to support and keep them running.

Happy with PMS overall.

Cal service is exactly what they expected.

Helpful and reliable during calibration.

Calibration service was excellent

Thank you to our dedicated team of service professionals who work hard every day to ensure we meet and exceed our customer expectations.

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