Handheld Particle Counting Benefits: Key Features and Performance Specifications

Handheld Particle Counting Benefits: Key Features and Performance Specifications

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Handheld Particle Counting solutions from Particle Measuring Systems PMS

The HandiLaz Mini II’s performance specifications allow best-in-class portable particle counter precision with channel size resolution as low as 10 nm. This resolution is applicable across the entire range of this handheld particle counter’s size range, from 200 nm up to 10 µm. Reliable and repeatable, the handheld particle counter’s robust internal circuitry design uses state of the art analog and digital signal processing. This enables a flat response curve relative to room temperature and flow rate fluctuations. Circuity compensations result in less than 5% variability between particle count samples and a maximum concentration of 9,999,999 counts per cubic foot. Access the listed specs for the HandiLaz Mini II handheld particle counter. 

Freely Portable Particle Counting

The HandiLaz Mini II from Particle Measuring Systems PMS is a handheld particle counting solution weighing only 1.8 lb (0.83 kg) with compact dimensions designed to fit snug in your hand. The intuitive touchscreen layout and single-button start/stop means little to no training is required to get started. The Li-ion batteries allow for up to 5 hours of continuous use, or 10 hours of intermittent use. As a bonus, the speakers can sound error notifications for count, concentration, low battery, and coincidence loss. The user can even export all sampling and error data to a text file with the external SD card and USB connectivity. All these features come standard with every HandiLaz Mini II handheld particle counter.

Sensitive to the Environment

Temperature and pressure sensors are built-in for flow-rate compensation, with measurement between 0 – 50 °C ± 0.1 °C. An external sensor probe can be plugged into the headphone-style jack to enable 0 – 50 °C ambient temperature and 5 – 95% ambient relative humidity measurements

Handheld Particle Monitoring DeviceBelow is a list of everything Particle Measuring Systems provides with the HandiLaz Mini II handheld particle counter—all in one convenient carrying case.

  • Power Supply
  • Isokinetic Probe
  • Barbed Probe
  • Inlet (zero-count) Filter
  • SD Memory Card (2 GB), Installed
  • USB Cable
  • Temperature and Relative Humidity (TRH) Probe
  • USB Flash Drive (Documentation, Operations Manual)
  • Inlet Caps (x2)
  • Case Protector
  • Carrying Case
  • Inlet O-ring Seal Replacements (x4)
  • Calibration Certificate and Quick Guide

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Pinpointing a Particle Source

Quickly Verify a Cleanroom

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