ISO EN 17141 & ISO 14968 Overview Frequently Asked Questions

ISO EN 17141 & ISO 14968 Overview Frequently Asked Questions


This FAQ paper is a follow up to the webinar, “ISO EN 17141 & ISO 14968 Overview” presented by Giulia Artalli and Mark Hallworth. Many thoughtful questions were asked about viable monitoring requirements in cleanrooms and other applications. Questions submitted during and after the webinar are answered by Giulia Artalli and Mark Hallworth, below. If you have any additional queries for our experts, submit them directly here.

Some questions covered in this paper are

  • Is there any guidance or requirement that applies in a quality control laboratory? Or are they only applicable for cleanrooms in manufacturing areas?
  • How do I check the particles in nitrogen gas, and what are the specifications?
  • What is the required incubation period for microbiological tests? What is the minimum required number of sampling points?
  • Do I have to buy a specific model of MiniCapt® to sample compressed gas?
  • Many more…..

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