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Helmke Drums Test for Particle Monitoring

Helmke Drums Test Method Particle Monitoring (257)

Reducing particles in the cleanroom environment requires the use of low particulate-shedding fabrics. Fabric wipers can clean surfaces and spills whereas fabric cleanroom garments can contain particles generated from people. To assure wipers or garments are clean, they should be tested and classified to a certain cleanliness prior to packaging.

A standard method to test fabrics for particle shedding requires particle monitoring in a Helmke drum. Through the Helmke drum’s mechanical tumbling process, particles release from wipers and garments. Particle monitoring during this tumbling provides data on the cleaning process and fabric deterioration. Specifications around particle monitoring and particle level classification are described in the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies (IEST) Recommended Practices:

Particle monitoring in Helmke drums provides a method of achieving cleanliness certification for fabric items like wipers and cleanroom garments. The particle counter installation is simple and easy to operate for this application. In addition to certifying garments, a particle counter monitoring a Helmke drum can determine if the cleaning process is effectively cleaning a garment or the fabric is degrading.

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