Long Lasting Lasers: Factors that Influence Laser Life

Long Lasting Lasers: Factors that Influence Laser Life

Long-Lasting-Lasers_062618_Page_1.jpgParticle counters use lasers which provide intense light to count very small particles. All lasers have a finite lifetime, but that lifetime can be extended or shortened based on how the laser is used. Your cost of ownership will decrease if the laser lasts longer. Particle Measuring Systems was the first company to build a laser-based particle counter, and we have the best understanding of how to extend laser life.

The three major factors that determine laser life are:

  • the design and manufacture of the laser itself
  • the operating temperature of the laser
  • the operating power that is used versus the rated power of the device

Download the paper to learn more about the projected use and lifetime of a laser used for particle counting.

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