Deliver a Contamination Control Solution for an Isolator: Case Study

Learn how an isolator manufacturer (AUSTAR) partnered with a local supplier (EMS) to provide and install Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) instruments to provide their customer with an effective Contamination Control Solution.

Why AUSTAR chose PMS instruments and how EMS supported their needs

In this project, PMS equipment was specified by AUSTAR’s client because they currently have PMS equipment on site and are familiar with how to use it. Per AUSTAR UK Director, Paul Hudson: “This request was not a problem to fulfill because EMS and AUSTAR have a long-standing relationship. AUSTAR had the full confidence to move forward to fulfill our client’s (PMS) requirements with the knowledge that EMS would be able to
provide the technical support AUSTAR & their client required.”

Isolator Contamination Monitoring Solutions for Manufacturers

EMS and AUSTAR mutually wanted to ensure that their customers’ equipment fully met GMP contamination control regulations such as ISO 14644-1 & 2 and EU GMP Annex 1, and Data Integrity standards such as 21 CFR Part 11, which is accomplished with PMS equipment. Additionally, sourcing their PMS equipment through EMS is a benefit to AUSTAR because they could source complete contamination control solutions from a single provider with the application expertise to get the job done.

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