John Mitchell
CEO & President

Starting as a research and development scientist when he joined Particle Measuring Systems in 1995, Mr. Mitchell discovered that he enjoyed working with customers to solve their problems.  As a result, he became more involved in the commercial aspects of the business. After holding positions at the company in various other capacities, Mr. Mitchell was appointed president of Particle Measuring Systems. He has written and presented more than 25 technical papers around the world and is the inventor or co-inventor on 10 patents. Outside of work, Mr. Mitchell enjoys spending time with his family and golfing.


Brian Knollenberg
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Knollenberg provides performance-leading solutions to the microelectronics, display, and industrial sectors. In his more than 15 years at Particle Measuring Systems, Mr. Knollenberg has held a variety of technology and leadership roles in product development, global applications, and general management. In addition to his experience at PMS, Mr. Knollenberg has held marketing and business leadership positions in the thin film vacuum process equipment industry. He is actively involved in several nonprofit organizations. Prior to his professional career, he served with the United States Army. When not at work, he spends time in the mountains hiking, fishing, and spending time with family.

Dan-Rodier.jpgDan Rodier, Ph.D.
Electronics Division
Technology Development Manager

Dr. Rodier has a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Colorado and has over 23 years of experience developing and implementing technologies and strategies to measure airborne molecular species and particulate contamination. Dr. Rodier has four patents for microcontamination monitoring technologies. He has worked with customers across Asia, Europe, and North America to implement monitoring programs in the semiconductor, aerospace, hard disk drive, and flat panel display industries.


John-Daivis.jpgJohn Davis
Director of Service
Global Applications Engineering Manager

Mr. Davis leads a global team of applications engineers to help our customers integrate PMS systems into their processes to solve their various application needs. Mr. Davis comes to Particle Measuring Systems with a background in thin film processing for the storage, display, and optics industries.



Isidro Sanchez
Electronics Division
Applications Engineer

Mr. Sanchez is a Colorado native who prior to joining PMS in 2015, worked at Intel Corporation for 10 years.  The majority of his experience at Intel came within the Fab’s Yield Department as a Microcontamination Engineer and Metrology Tool owner; additionally, he worked as a Capacity Planning Industrial Engineer at Intel’s Substrates Packaging Test and Development Site start-up.  Mr. Sanchez earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado-Boulder, an M.S. in Industrial Engineering, as well as an M.B.A. at Arizona State University.  In his free time, Isidro enjoys spending time learning from his son, going on outdoor adventures, cross-training, reading, and exploring practical philosophies.

Dwight-Beal.jpgDwight Beal
Electronics Division
Product Line Manager, Liquids

Mr. Beal previously worked as a manufacturing technician for a company making ultrasonic breast scanners that detected cysts. After many years with Particle Measuring Systems, he focuses on helping customers overcome their most difficult particle monitoring challenges and finding ways to meet their requirements. Mr. Beal pursues additional passions like sailing and scuba diving in oceans around the world.


*Presenters may vary from course to course based on availability.