Brian Knollenberg
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Knollenberg provides performance-leading solutions to the microelectronics, display, and industrial sectors. In his more than 15 years at Particle Measuring Systems, Mr. Knollenberg has held a variety of technology and leadership roles in product development, global applications, and general management. In addition to his experience at PMS®, Mr. Knollenberg has held marketing and business leadership positions in the thin film vacuum process equipment industry. He is actively involved in several nonprofit organizations. Prior to his professional career, he served with the United States Army. When not at work, he spends time in the mountains hiking, fishing, and spending time with family.



Dan Rodier, Ph.D.
Electronics Division
Technology Development Manager

Dr. Rodier has a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Colorado and has over 23 years of experience developing and implementing technologies and strategies to measure airborne molecular species and particulate contamination. Dr. Rodier has four patents for microcontamination monitoring technologies. He has worked with customers across Asia, Europe, and North America to implement monitoring programs in the semiconductor, aerospace, hard disk drive, and flat panel display industries.




John Davis
Director of Service
Global Applications Engineering Manager

Mr. Davis leads a global team of applications engineers to help our customers integrate PMS® systems into their processes to solve their various application needs. Mr. Davis comes to Particle Measuring Systems with a background in thin film processing for the storage, display, and optics industries.




Rick Duskey
Electronics Division
Associate Product Manager

Mr. Duskey is currently a Software/Systems and  select Liquids Product Manager in the Electronics division with Particle Measuring Systems. Rick transitioned from his technical role in the military 8 years ago to a Service Technician position at PMS® , working on a wide array of products. He has worn many hats at PMS® and successfully covered positions in Service, Technical Support, Sales support,  Metrology, Life Science and Electronics Product Management . In 2019, Rick joined PMS®’s team of experts presenting Particle College educational courses. He is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business Executive MBA program. In his spare time, he is the State of Colorado Director of the Veteran Golf Association and enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family.


Willie Aiken
Electronics Division
Applications Engineer

Willie Aiken is a Liquids Application Engineer at Particle Measuring Systems and has been with the company for the past 21 years working in a variety of roles with a primary focus in liquid particle counting applications. Prior to PMS®, Willie worked in the photonics industry as an application engineer in laser diode technology and applications.




Lexi Lake
Electronics Division
Applications Engineer

Lexi Lake is currently an Applications Engineer with Particle Measuring Systems primarily supporting AMC, Aerosol, and Gas product lines. She has worked for Research and Development in the Aerosol Science department at PMS® since 2021 as the Aerobiology Engineer developing and verifying the on-site Aerobiology Testing Lab, designing new aerosol and microbial products, and working to launch the Aerosol NanoAir 10 Particle Counter and ParticleSeeker™ Multiport Aerosol Sampler. Prior to joining PMS®, Lexi worked in research laboratories earning her Bachelor of Sciences in Biological Sciences from Denison University and her Master in Microbiology from Bowling Green State University.



Benton Hutchinson
Electronics Division
Product Line Manager

Benton is a Product Line Manager in the Electronics Division, covering the aerosol, compressed gas, and airborne molecular contamination (AMC) products at Particle Measuring Systems. Before that, Benton was an Applications Engineer focusing on the AMC and aerosol products globally. He serves as a subject matter expert for both AMC and aerosol particles, specializing in their handling and mitigation in cleanroom environments. Benton holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Chemical Engineering.




Ben Martinez
Electronics Division
Applications Engineer

Ben Martinez is currently a liquids applications engineer at Particle Measuring Systems. Previously, Ben worked as the line lead for the 20nm product line in manufacturing where he learned the alignment and calibration process for various instruments. Ben has a Bachelor of Sciences in Computational Physics from Regis University where he did research on the g-2 Experiment that measured the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon. Ben also completed his Master of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University where he familiarized himself with complex laser systems designed to monitor chemical species in the atmosphere.





*Presenters may vary from course to course based on availability.