Stem Cell Therapies Contamination Control

Stem Cell Therapies Contamination ControlThe complexity of modern medicines and their potential to do harm if manufactured inappropriately makes the need for quality assurance appear obvious. This was not always the case. Improvements in the safety and quality of medicines have nearly always been made as a corrective action to tragic events. 

Cell therapies and regenerative medicines require a high degree of informed control in order to ensure that their quality are maintained batch after batch. Official guidance in the United States and Europe must be combined with a current working knowledge of best practices. Such knowledge will enable innovators to build production systems with confidence. This webinar examines the implications of Good Manufacturing Practice legislation/guidance and the role of Quality Assurance in the generation of safe and effective cell-based therapeutics. 

Attend this webinar to learn about contamination control for stem cell therapies including: 

  • Key aspects of cell therapy production and regulation
  • Sterility assurance applied to cell therapies
  • Control strategy for processes
  • Roles and relationships of the QA and the team responsible for releasing goods from quarantine into the market
  • Roles and activities of the QC department